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Are Violets Blue and Roses Red?

It has been said that Roses are red and Violets are blue


The Violets are violent

So violets are red

Like all of the time

They wish roses were dying

Dead in their beds

Pushing up daisies

Yeah, violets are crazy

And acting all shady

I dunno maybe

I can say safely

Violets are red

Because violets are angry

And so roses are blue

You would be too

If violets aimed violence

And pistils at you

Roses are red?

That ain't all true

Instead of the red

Rose is actually blue

Being exceedingly sad

Yet playing it cool

Not real sure what to do

Or how to elude ultraviolet pursuit

Or to quiet the tyrant

Or calm down the climate

Or pilot this crises

These violets is ISIS

Killing its kindness and niceness

The rose grows to icy

Grows poison like ivy

Grows tired of stymie

So... no go on hiding

Thorns... come out fighting

Swoosh, Just Do it—Nike

Other flowers will likely

Say—roses are feisty

Forgetting—when it politely

Begged—violets to Spike Lee

Do the right thang

Did violets change?

The colors they once were

Are now rearranged

To this day,

Roses violate violets

So fate makes

A stigma of hate

The symbols and pigments

Of petals re-written

Now roses are red

Red is indignantly ignorant

While violets are brilliant

Stole the script

Flip it

Then for an instant

Pretending religion

New image same mission

The Grinch’s Christmas

White Lily my witness

When Rose was listless

Violet did finish

the ones on its hitlist

Painting roses malicious

It shall ever be written

That just like the violets

The “Roses are Red”

And just like we read

What we already knew,

“Violets are Blue”

And roses are too

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