• Poet

English Teacher turned Poet turned Filmmaker

"Intense, gripping . . . a one-two punch . . . written in fire and delivered with thunder," writes reviewer Kelly Luck.

Dates of Show: Online:2022 Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Digi-Fest

Online: Purchasing link coming soon

Genre: Poetry, Music, Drama

Ratings: Parental Guidance (PG)

Warnings: Adult Language, Other - Drug Use

Run Time: 51 minutes

A New Digital Pathways Production

kNew is a powerful storytelling performance that will leave you astounded by Poet's unparalleled talent as a writer and performer. The caliber of his creativity, stage presence, and delivery deserve to be elevated to a broader stage and audience-Look out Broadway. This is one for you! I'm reminded of the phenomenal 1975 theater performance of Tony Perkins in "Equus." An absolutely masterful show that most certainly IS the BEST of the BEST!

~Teresa Bronston Mckinley, about the 2019 kNew Performance at Fringe KC

The kNew-Born—a Kansas City, Original Film by actor Poet t.l. sanders is an outgrowth from pure poetry, Fringe Fest KC, KC Stages, The KC Jazz Museum, Local art galleries, and more.

Author Poet t.l. sanders, who legally changed his name to “Poet,” is the language artist who created kNew, a unique one-person poetrical show over the course of the 2019 Fringe Fest. Out of 75 performances, the one