• Poet

iN honor of decembeR, 1964

wheN the wood-winds drip spit… and sweet tears bleed sweat / weT and dirty with grief

/ thE only relief comes when goD breathes in us so completely, so gently we can hardly feel

thE pain


A Love Supreme

picturE it

pilloW soft, Sticky Snow / China White Stuff―so Dope / everywherE

during these evenings leading to christmaS evE

santA displays and nativity scenes

outsidE lights line the streets to hide

aN honest reality which lies loudly in this Dark knight

wherE johN’s coal train smoke and Reindeer Dust clouds his Dark

nighT sky piddles pitchy, three note motifs to color the snow yellow / deeP

drifts blend with mesmerizing blues riffs

aS tragic magic rains like cats and Dog Food

akin to the way king henry the 8th ruled a multitude to their graves,


John stands / 5 feet 8,