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This land is our land

From San Francisco to the New York Island

by Poet t.l. sanders



aRose a whisper into the window 

awakens to chasten the query while chasing the quarry 

the distance traveled not by miles but in minutes 

this momentum lessens the limits 

for siblings living in infinite centuries 


July the sixteenth 

Elizabeth Jennings

organist, teacher, worship leader

is one score and four years running on 

her way to Sunday service for God’s sake

in this minute—Ms. Jennings—by faith

breaks the color barrier


she Rosa Parks herself on the streetcar next 

to nascent words whispered 

into the window 

in the fifth row 

on the metro, Montgomery 


you ride with me 

this quote grows hope evergreen and 

persistence climbs high like Ivy’s 

flowers tower ivory towers with one goal: courage

to drive initiative 


she is Time 

her arrival is destined to revive this whisper

‘cause Time rights wrongs 

with an editing pencil; 

thus, Time writes songs and poems and 

performs symphonic similes similar 

to tunes of jazz and two-toned blues, sentimental

colorful, classical, autobiographical synchronous 

words whisper into the window


this Time is 16-year-old 

Maya Angelou 

a conductor

for the On The Ground Railroad.

San Francisco Streetcar 


yes, Dr. Angelou said it best “... still, like dust, 

I'll rise… bringing the gifts ancestors gave” 

before 400 hundred years ago 

much more than a slave. We are 

before the ocean 

brought boats to the coast 



before the land bought 

the folks stole. We are

before windows

before whispers

before words

before gibberish


Quit limiting Black History to four centuries. 


Start whispering into the window

“Ignorance is temporal 

Wisdom is infinity

Infinity is invisible


you ride with me!”


never a question. It is




the Will to ride alongside 


Mrs. Parks was correct 

when she sat in that moment 

was the exact spot

she was supposed to be sitting 



you ride with me


Ms. Jennings winning from 

the beginning stood tall 

on the backs of ancestral siblings 

who came before her

now it is Lizzie who understands tall

for she is our Earth on whom 

we stand tall 


you ride with me


Maya believed as she shined 

light on those night roads in spite of 

black codes coached by Jim Crow 

when folks’ goal was to hurt her


an absurdity. We are talking about 

phenomenal women who 

“... walk into a room

just as cool as you please,  

on their command

the fellows stand or

fall down on their knees” 

because the Will of these queens is

“a hive of honey bees.” It is written 

in a poem called “Phenomenal Woman” 

literally a literary 


you ride with me 

was never a question

for Harriet Tubman when it came 

to saving slaves’ lives, her train rides 

rode focused and free from within like these 

KC Streetcars have a transit app 

Mama Moses—the Map 

would unload boats of cargo 

to go right back through

the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania 

less for the amusement and 

more for the movement 

that led to liberty or death


let’s expect

strong Will 

to ride


even when the freight fretted the road  ahead 

en route to the depot, General Tubman would open 

her soul to show the words whispered into the window 

then she would whisper into their ears


ride, too


but that’s why we win-dow


the Will is the constant

wasn’t wasn’t an option 

wasn’t isn’t an option

wasn’t won’t be an option


whispered into the window 



you ride with me

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