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Poet t.l. sanders to bring his film to the Olathe, KS

Join us for a special screening to witness the birth of faith,  of fears, and the fate of finding forgiveness.

Olathe, Kansas, January 18 at 6:00 P.M. – Olathe Indian Creek Library will host a screening of the art house film The kNew-Born followed by a Q&A with Poet. 


“Without pity and with a clear gaze, Poet t.l. sanders brings a deep and compassionate vision to the human cost of problems most of us only read about in the news: the incarceration of Black men; the costs of addiction; the heartbreak of children growing up without fathers,” writes reviewer Barbara Dooley.

The Birth of the Backstory

The culmination of this work is profound when one considers how each character was conceived from individual poems. In 2018, editor Polly Alice McCann asked Poet for the story behind the poetry. During that same year, the birth of kNew: The Poetic Screenplay was inspired by the death of Poet’s father, who died of a heroin overdose. That summer, the work grew into a one-person, six-character, one-hour, award-winning live show performed at KC Fringe 2019. Two years later, Poet delivered The kNew-Born. While the poetic screenplay is about the son, Dr. James Dean. The recent arthouse film, The kNew-Born, is about the father--Terry Dean.


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