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My passionate, personal, and predestined

purpose for producing poetry is twofold:

to invite people to read the lines and

to inspire them to read between the lines

when interacting with text and/or terrestrials. 

This is my MISSION. 

Current title: "I Am Human" /Former title: "Why are you on my trail"
Be The Phenom

Current title: "I Am Human" /Former title: "Why are you on my trail"

To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Kauffman Center invited creatives to participate in Artful Poetry, the Center's first poetry competition. I wrote a piece originally called "Why Are You On My Trail." Later, I revised the title to "I Am Human." To the neighbor of Anthony Avalos, Atatiana Jefferson, Avielle Richman Botham Jean, To the neighbor of Donte Robinson, Eric Garner, Jacai Colson, Javier Amir Rodriguez, Jemel Roberson, To the neighbor of John Rivera, Justine Damond, Kevin Moore, Lolade Siyonbola, Philando Castile, Rashon Nelson, To the neighbor of Ryan White, Sandra Bland, Sisters of the Fairway, Sincere Gaston Tamir rice, Timothy Blancher Terence Crutcher TO THE NEIGHBOR OF Trayvon Martin, To my Dear Neighbor, Do you notice That when we are On our neighborhood trail Our neighborhood badges Badger me with questions? Agitating the adage: “You don’t belong here.” Agitated, I dodge the volunteer brigadier Who would not hear my, “I belong” Song sang like the Broadway “Rent” I paid To walk along the walkway under six feet away From my freshly paved, blacktop driveway Dear Neighbor, Do you notice how The badgeless beard Benjamin 'Benny' Coffin number III Barricades, me, your neighbor–an affront In front of my own garage? Neighbor, Tell them you noticed The berating barrage of expletives Tell them how I exited This bloody mess Triggered a loud love for the hate His soul was holding exploded my skull Knees buckled; He's belting Bare knuckled bullets through my brain Though my body barely breathes Neighbor, Tell them you see the fire- Arm of his luger Heimlich maneuver My chest pressed and soaked, throat choked, By Beretta smoke laced with bitter Skittles’ taste The rainbow of unalienable rights like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness denied Sentenced to death for attempted comply Dear Neighbor, At least, please capture this chapter Let your camera phone answer the questions to leave a message That these unchaperoned chaperones have haphazard reactions to mishaps And happenstance keeps hap-hap-hap-hap-happening to hapless hopefuls' Family members forever remembering crime scene photos 3 March - 7:30 PM Neighbor, show them how I told the truth And still, I lie Drowning in my pool of blood Adjacent to my pool behind My house will be paid off from the life Insurance check my wife collects Neighbor, Will you pay your respects? I need you to notice! Tell them you know this man Is your neighbor now Tell then now Not later
Blue Room Birthday Jay McShann.
Be The Phenom

Blue Room Birthday Jay McShann.

This clip is a small glimpse of an amazing night where family, friends, and fans came out to honor the incomparable Mr. Jay McShann in celebration of his 104th birthday. Poet alludes to a multitude of Mr. McShann's music. Listen to hear; look to see; and when you find the allusion, we guarantee you be groovin' to the titles, such as "Hot Biscuits," "Kansas City," " Once Upon a Time," "Hootie Blues," "Hold'em Hootie," "Doo Wah Doo," "Confessin' the Blues," "Vine Street Boogie," "McShann Bounce," "Soft Winds," "Joy of the Jingle," and more. Who is Jay McShann? A versatile pianist, singer, and composer, his music over the years ranged from blues to boogie-woogie, ballads, swing, and bebop. His unique style is considered a cornerstone of the sound known around the world as Kansas City Jazz. Jay was born January 12, 1916, in Muskogee, Okla., the youngest of four children of Jess and Leona McShann. A self-taught pianist inspired by the blues, Jay began playing professionally as a teen. In 1936, he moved to Kansas City to join the vibrant jazz culture he found there. Shortly thereafter, he earned the nickname "Hootie" as he is known to many. Within a few months, Jay was well established in the KC music scene heading a small band until in 1940 when he assembled a big band whose incarnations over the years included: Gene Ramey, Charlie Parker, Walter Brown. After service in WWII, Jay relocated for a short time to the west coast and assembled a small band that featured vocalist, Jimmy Witherspoon. He returned to his Kansas City home and family and soon after recorded a hit with blues singer Pricilla Bowman. Jay recorded scores of albums for numerous record labels during his career. His compositions have been recorded by The Rolling Stones, B.B. King, Little Walter, Esther Phillips, and Jimmy Witherspoon among others. Over the years Jay toured extensively as a headline act in leading concert halls and festivals across the US, and internationally. Wherever he went, Jay won fans and friends alike with his engaging music, affable personality and engaging grin. Jay joined the Musician's Union Local 627 in 1937 and was awarded Local 34627 gold card life membership in 1976 and was a Mutual Musician's Foundation Gold Card member as well as an Elder Statesman of KC Jazz. He studied at the Kansas City Conservatory of Music and was later awarded an Honorary Doctorate from UMKC. His numerous other awards and honors include induction into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, the Pioneer awards from both the Rhythm & Blues Foundation and the International Association of Jazz Educators, two Grammy Award nominations, designation of the McShann Pavilion at the American Jazz Museum, and an Alvin Ailey dance composition in his name. Jay has been featured in a number of movies and television documentaries including, "The Last of the Blue Devils" in 1980, Ken Burns' "Jazz" in 2001, Clint Eastwood's "Piano Blues" in 2003, and the documentary "Hootie Blues", as well as hundreds of magazine and newspaper features around the world. The biographical information about Dr. Jay McShann was found at:


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