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kNew: The POETICscreenPLAY

Will soon be a FILM!!!

Summer 2021

kNew is a hybrid lyrical screenplay in the heart of open mic night at the famous Blue Room in Kansas City's Jazz District. Poet t.l. sanders' affinity for sound whisks deep meaning and musical cadence within his poetry. He choreographs words the way an artist chooses color. In his debut book, Sanders creates characters who rise up from the ashes to speak like nothing you've ever heard before. Yet, somehow, it is all very familiar. You'll recognize these characters-- people you’ve met in passing or in the reflection of your mirror. These poems are part of a story Sanders weaves around Dr. J. Dean, a focused family man who flies to Kansas City to mourn the death of a father he hardly knew. There, in the historic neighborhood of 18th Vine where his father performed, The Blue Room is the right place with the right stage where the right people spit the right lyrics at the right time. And this night, a new vision awakes when a community grieves a prodigal father. Something new emerges in the hearts of those willing to speak their truth . . . and just who takes the stage might surprise you. Available on Amazon July 2019


kNew: The Poetrical Performance

Here in this Collectors Chapbook, Poet t.l sanders shares some selected works along with the poems from his debut poetic screenplay! This author, teacher and motivational speaker invites you into the world of a grieving community who have overcome their shatteringly difficult pasts and meet for the first time only to discover the healing power of poetry, community, and family.

Spring 2019


In this multi-character, solo show, Poet t.l sanders transports you on a lyrical journey "written in fire and performed with thunder." In a one hour performance of his poetic screenplay, kNew, published by Flying Ketchup Press (Summer 2019), Sanders shares an original story of a grown son who mourns his prodigal father.

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