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"Treasures Before Forever and After Always"

by Poet t.l. sanders


Well, considering the given predicament,

I present this BlackLivesMatter sign as a present sent

to be opened in silence


Sankofa eyelids allows us to live with color in mindunited

wisdom as our guide. Reminds us

our job, as a people, is defined in acts of kindness

and in how we’re reviving dying conversations

Think of applications

when places ask what one's race iss/he could mark other

Ideally, the hue of the applicant applies less to levels of melanin pigment

and more toward the kind of person by which one wishes to be depicted

The hint is the kind of man

The tint is the hue. Man

is meant to mix and blend

with hues of men regardless our skin

We didn’t pick it

It’s no picnic. The Politics

and the picket sign bind blind mankind

to future contracts both co-sign

We’re buying the whole goldmine outlined in light

where white whisks all colors to illuminate the nighthelping

us to see tangible pieces of Peace


open our eyelids and read with deeper belief

The BlackLivesMatter sign had to happen

My Dear Applicants,

Black represents all the colors combined


when it comes to pigments. Comprehend that

No matter the disdain for change,

we proclaim progress. We know this

might rain on the parade or the protest

Yet, let’s noticed the after-effect

of rain brings a rainbow

See the pots of gold through the souls’ window. Pain

and hatethey have to go. Leaving

Love Of Laughter to be mastered. Celebrating

together life’s true treasures before forever and

after always BlackLivesMatter


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