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Pictured: Tristian Griffin, dancer and choreographer extraordinaire.

Are we the dream; the wings; the key?

Are we the trompe l'œil believed, ou

sommes-nous the words for “flip the bird”

or the song’s dopamine

being the body

language seen dans ballet?

Oui et Nope!

We are the hope

Inspiring the awe-

-some opportunities

to own the open space

to rise over all

obstacles hanging in our way

And si we wings

decide to fly

defy the heights of the high

What’s next?

We soutenons ce rêve

Et continuons avec le vent

Even when we won’t

Understand what fate is saying

Continuons avec la confiance de l'air tsunami

Il nous poussera


Le même vent sous les ailes des anges nous poussera

En même temps

Communiquerons la mission

“¡Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero!”

Without question

Sans question, there are quelqu'un who

Paints pour peindre

Writes pour écrire

Sings pour chanter

Dances pour danser

And that… is okay—C’est ordinaire

But she

is Not a painter

And he

is Not a writer

Nor they a singer

So we are Not a dancer

Mais oui

We birds of a feather

add layers and flavors of

les bisous colorés

épanouis et doux;

Don’t you understand?

C'est les mots and les movements

The universal language mixed with a hint of

quodlibet et aussi bien déjà vu

The feeling is familiar… familier

Hence, since we are not merely a listener

we are not limited to one sense

And since nous ne sommes pas a painter, we are not limited to one color

Et puisque nous ne sommes pas a writer, nous ne sommes pas limités to one word

Et puisque nous ne sommes pas un chanteur, nous ne sommes pas limités to one song

Et puisque we are not a key, we are not limited to one door

For it is not through doors

We enter

Through eyes and minds and lives--Our own

To realize the Innate

Oui--With this truth we awake

Et maintenant,

nous nous permettons d'entrer

Since we are not asleep, we are limited to one dream

~Poet t.l. sanders


The poem vibes with dance and music: choreography created by Tristian Griffin Dance Company; melodious mélange by Philip Daniel Zach. Alinea was performed at the Lawrence Performing Arts Center in March 2021.

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